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Friday, July 22, 2011

TGIF and Weekly Recap (5):

TGIF is hosted by Ginger at Greads. It's about recapping on what we posted for the week, and also asking our readers a book related question. The question posted by Ginger today is?

Bookshelf  Tour: Where do you keep your books at home?
Are they organized?

I have to admit that my books are pretty much everywhere. This is mainly because my husband and I don't have our own place yet. So we don't have the room for book selves.

Here is a picture of some of my books on top of my dresser.

It does drive me a little crazy because I love organization.

I know this is a little boring so I have decided to add some pictures of bookselves I would love to have.

I love these two because there is a lot of room for books, and they are very organized. The top one has a built in latter that moves around. I always wanted something like that ever since I saw the library in Beauty and the Beast.

The bottom one encloses them in clear doors to keep them protected, but allowing you to still be able to look at them.

I have always wanted a window seat and just love the look of them. Reading by sunlight is nice.

I love this bookshelf. It is so unique and totally cool looking. I saw it when looking for bookshelves online.

Lastly I love the look of books kind of as art pieces in a room and these invisible shelves help with that.


  1. I've been BEGGING hubs to make me custom book shelves... hasn't happened YET...
    My FF Post!

  2. My husband got me the nook because not only did I run out of bookshelf space...I ran out of places in my house to put a bookshelf! I think he was having dreams of being trapped under some type of YA book pile, lol. But I just visited the Long Room at Trinity College Library and received a promise to have one built for me some day...Nook be damned, lol.

  3. Oh my gosh look at that living room in the 3rd picture! I would die a happy woman if I could display my books like that:) Mine are currently all over the floor of the guestroom in absolutely no order at all, I really need to get some shelves or bookcases:)

  4. Ohhhhh I love that shelving with the ladder...;)
    Thats what I want in my house, Im actually trying to talk the hubs into an addition on the house or just selling the one we have and move into an old library....hmmm so far Im not convincing him....

  5. I'd love to have wall-to-wall shelves with a ladder too. Definitely one of my dream pieces of furniture. I also love the window seat one. That whole room is gorgeous.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

  6. I like bookshelves that looks like renaissance! But I love modern bookshelves too! I can't decide which one I prefer. I love those invisible shelves that makes the books look like they're hanging on the wall! It looks so futuristic with white walls and modern furnitures (feels like you're in a dystopian world! lol) Anyway, here's mine:


    April (new follower)

  7. Great bookshelves that you showed! I liked the one that you could "sit" in! Great choices! :)