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Monday, July 4, 2011

Monday's Bite: Twilight Re-Read Along :

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer:
Chapters 1-5:

Chapter 1: First Sight
Chapter 2: Open Book
Chapter 3: Phenomenom
Chapter 4: Invitations
Chapter 5: Blood Type


1. Have you ever had to start over in a new place, like Bella did in Forks? The new place could be a school, job, or town... just something with a new setting. How easy or difficult was this for you?

 - When I graduated high school I moved to Florida to go to college. It was a real hard time for me because I left most of my family and all of my friends to go to college at Florida Southern College. I was beginning my life in a new state, a brand new school, and not just any school college. That’s hard enough by itself, but I also was in the early stages of a relationship with my boyfriend at the time (now my husband). It was defiantly hard beginning a new life in all these aspects. Unlike Bella though, moving from somewhere she loved to somewhere she hated. I moved from a place I didn't like (VA) to somewhere I loved (FL).

2. Do you picture the actors from the movie as the characters in the book while you are reading?

 - In the beginning when I read the books, I hadn't seen the movies, and I pictured Bella and Jacob and a few others differently. Edward and Alice where two characters that did look a bit similar to what I pictured in my head but not fully. Now that I have seen the movies I can't help but picture the actors from the movie.

3. What are your first thoughts on meeting Edward in Bella's Biology class? At first he was annoyed by her presence, but then after a week away he returns and finds himself very interested in her. Do you think this helped or hindered the storyline?

 - I thought that it was completely weird. He is all put off and acting strange then he's all nice and polite, can you say mood swings? If someone reacted that way toward me I would def. be asking them what their problem was. Especially when they don't even know me and its the first time we have met. I do believe it helped the story though, because its the first reveal that Edward is different. It shows the struggle he goes through initially when he meets Bella, and how overwhelming her blood is to him. I also think that it gets Bella even more interested in him then she was before, and enables her to open up to him because she is intrigued by his uniqueness.

4. Out of the secondary characters Bella meets @ school, who is your favorite and why? (humans, not the vamps)

-Well for at least these first chapters its Mike. He is just super sweet and helpful. Trying to help Bella in every way. From helping her to class, and helping her when she faints from blood, etc. He tries to get Bella's attention from the beginning. I feel bad for him because he doesn't have a chance at all with Edward around. If Edward wasn't in the picture Mike would be the sweet adorable guy every girl would fall for. But not in Twilight with super gorgeous supernatural beings around. Poor Mike.

 5. There is a lot of dialogue between Edward & Bella in these first few chapters that I feel played a major role developing their relationship. What are some of your favorite quotes? or moments?

1) I love their first dialogue. When they first start talking to each other in Biology while looking at the slides. That first dialogue seems so innocent and normal. Just two people having a conversation. It might be the only dialogue they have that is truly normal. Its also when Bella first realizes something isn't normal about him because of his eye color change. She feels that something is off about that.

2) I love the moment when Edward saves Bella from being crushed by the van. I mean he just swoops in, stops van, saves her... swoon.... I just love that moment. Its also when she finds out that he isn't human. No human could get to her that fast and stop a moving van and be ok. Its defiantly a turning point in the book, were readers get to know that there is so much more off about this high school boy, if they didn't know already.

3) I also love it when he is talking to her at lunch the day he sits alone. When he says that her friends are angry with him for stealing her away, and
she says: "They'll deal"
He says:  "I may not give you back, though."
OMG!!! its those small things boys say that gives you butterflies and makes your heart beat faster.

4) The last moment I like is when Bella is with Mike after she practically faints from the blood. When Edward runs in all worried about her and just picks her off her feet to take her to the nurse's office. ahhh....more swooning.... It just shows that he has interest in her, and is protective of her.

This really isn't a moment in the book, but I needed to comment on it. I love how in the book Bella has more personality, and actually gets mad and frustrated. You don't see that in the movie to much. She seems more passive in the movie. At one point in the book she wanted to ram Edwards car with her truck. She likes him, but she is herself. She gets mad and frustrated, and calls him on it. You just don't see to much of that in the movie, and I think that it takes away from Bella’s character in the movie.


  1. With me, I picture some characters like the actors in the movies and others...no! haha.

    I picked Mike too! Poor Mike! You're right!

    I loved the blood typing scene!

  2. Loved all your moments. Especially the want to ram his car "stupid shiny Volvo driver". If you get a chance stop by, http://wp.me/p1h3Ps-jv

  3. LOVE the moments you picked, seriously this is why I love this re-read =)

  4. I like the part where Edward saves Bella from being crushed by the van too. Definitely swoon moment :) And I also liked when he invited her to sit with him at lunch as well.

  5. You are so right about Bella. I thought the same thing. Her persona has been so altered to a Hollywood screen write, its sad how much they changed her character....

  6. I totally agree with you on Bella's personality in the book...She's much feistier!