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Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday's Bite: Twilight Re-Read Along Chapters 16-20:

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer:
Chapters 16-20:

Chapter 16: Carlisle
Chapter 17: The Game
Chapter 18: The Hunt
Chapter 19: Goodbyes
Chapter 20: Impatience

- The Questions from Chapters 16-20 are from:
 Yani @ The Secret Life.

- Discussion / Answers and link up for Chapters 16-20 and Questions for next weeks Chapters 21-24 and Epilogue are from The Reading Housewives


1. If you were in Carlisle position do you think you would have been able to fight off your vampire urges? Would you ever bring someone into that life, as he did with Edward and Esme?

- Its really hard to answer this question because I can only say what I think and hope I would do. I believe if I knew what I was choosing like Bella I would have a better chance of controlling it, or if I had someone like Carlisle helping me. However if I was all by myself like Carlisle was I would try my best to fight my urges and only eat animal blood. I think hurting anyone would be hard animal or human, but since animals are already our food source I would try my best to stay with that.

As far as bringing someone over into the life I would, but they would have the choice like Bella did. I don't want to make someone like me (if I were a vamp) unless that is what they chose and after they thought it over carefully.

2.  We are introduced to Edwards playful side in these chapters before he gets all manic about the new vampires, I think we have a better picture of who he is. If you had to describe him in 5 words, what would they be? Good and Bad qualities, whatever you like?

Gorgeous, Comical, Tortured, Protective, Gentleman.

3. While re-reading I have been taking notes: observations that I have come across re-reading and comparisons to the movie. One of my notes deals with pg. 383 in which Edward screams at Alice "there is no other option.” The first time around I didn't get that he meant the future Alice saw for Bella as a vampire (because we hadn't gotten to that part). but now that I know the whole story I see that is what he meant. Has this happened to you? Do you have any examples of things that are clearer now or things that you have realized while re-reading?.

- Yes one thing that is more clearer now is the whole mess between Billy and Bella. I know we hear the story from Jacob, but I think like Bella we focused on the "cold ones" part. At the time I didn't think that the wolves part was an important foreshadowing. You can see Billy's concern and rudeness as a part of knowing what the Cullens are and who Edward really is, but later you find out that they are pretty much natural enemies.

I also agree with page 383 being confusing. I was like what are you talking about, but I also was caught up in the moment and didn't really think on it to much the first time around. Now it makes complete since.

I really can't think of any more right now off the top of my head except what I have been talking about a ton so far. And that is about the characters in the books being better then the movies in personality and general character.

4.   We haven't talked about this yet, but I think the idea of your human gifts amplifying in your vampire life is interesting (Jaspers control of emotions, Edwards mind reading) what do you think your gifts would be?

- This question was a hard one. Especially to come up with something Stephenie Meyer hadn't thought of already. Honestly I am very sensitive to other people's feelings and also very inquisitive so maybe a mix of Edwards and Jaspers powers. Maybe I could read people auras (feelings) and control there minds....lol

Another one I thought of is I am really good with animals. To the point that most of them like me; even ones that normally shy away from people. So maybe I could manipulate animals as a vampire. This would help with my feeding.. just a thought, though it is sad poor animals :(

5.   We are coming to the end of the book, what has been your opinion on this re-read? First when was the last time you read it? Second, do you feel you like it more, the same, or less this time around?

- The last time I read Twilight was the first time I read it, and that was in 2008. I really enjoyed this experience. I really like hearing what others thought about the book, characters, Edward, etc. Also I loved being able to express my feelings about the books as well.

I think I love it even more now because I know the whole picture and the end game so a lot of the book makes more since now. Also I had more time to go in depth, instead of devouring it like I did the first time. I also read the book before the movie, but since then only have been watching the movie. This re-read has helped me to enjoy those things about the book, characters, and general world of Twilight that you miss in the movie. I have fallen in love with Twilight all over again :)

I really think we should do this again. Either continue this series or do it with another book. We could even do it with a book not everyone has read yet so we can discuss it, and maybe get more out of it then we would reading it on our own.


  1. Aww, where would you be as a vegan vampire if you were so sensitive to animals you couldn't eat them? It would be a cool power but kind of like watching that Amy Grant abused animal commercial every time you hunted! I have to change the channel for that one, lol.

    Also, I agree that while I can't think of exact quotes re-reading the novel you see a lot more foreshadowing than during the original read.


    Yea! to continuing the book club ;)

  2. Oh I like the idea of doing this again! I'm up for a book I have not read or moving on with the series or just another book! Good idea!

  3. I like to think I could resist feeding on humans as well and just stick to animals, though I would probably have an equally hard time with that as well:) I think I'd probably just make a miserable vampire. Love that picture of Rob and Kristen, that whole shoot was gorgeous!

  4. ohhh awesome answer on the whole wolves...I never paid attention to that part either I was more into the cold ones..!!

    I love that your hubs would be a scary vampire. I know I rave about having my own Edward which would be my man who of course is the best...:)

  5. ps...but really sucks at the whole opening doors and acting all Mr. Darcy like....

  6. Tortured - Such a good word to describe Edward!!

  7. Tortured! Great word choice! And I think almost everyone has chose protective!

  8. Definitely tortured. My gifts would be a blend of Edward & Jasper also. I agree we don't have to do a book we've all read before.

  9. This has been a lot of fun and would be great to continue! :) And I like the reading auras thing...very different!

  10. I love the thought of manipulating animals. That's something no one else has said yet, or at least that I have seen. I think it would be tough if you were a vegan vampire and then had to eat the animals you manipulated, but if you weren't gonna eat them, that would be so awesome.