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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mercy by Rebecca Lim

Release Date: May 17th 2011
Publisher: Hyperion Books
Reading Level: Young Adult
Pages: 269
Type: Arc
Source: I actually bought this from a used book store. Didn't know at the time they were not supposed to sell it.

Mercy is an exile from heaven with shattered memories of who and what she used to be. She's doomed to "wake" repeatedly on earth in a new body, assuming a new life each time, only to move on again and again. During the day she survives in the human world on instinct, and at night her dreams are haunted by her lost love, who pleads with her to find him. Mercy's heart would know him anywhere. But her memory refuses to cooperate.

But this time is different. When Mercy wakes up she meets Ryan, an eighteen-year old reeling from the loss of his twin sister, Lauren, who was kidnapped two years ago. Only Mercy and Ryan believe his sister is still alive. For the first time since she can remember, Mercy has a purpose: she can help. So she doesn't understand why the man in her dreams cautions her not to interfere. But as Ryan and Mercy come closer to saving the mystery of Laurens disappearance, danger looms just one step behind. When another girl goes missing Mercy knows they must act before time runs out, will she be able to harness her extraordinary power in time?

--Back Cover Description

Yes, another fallen angel book. But its definitely worth the read. Its got to be frustrating not remembering who and what you are. Not only that but to constantly wake up in different people's bodies pretty much possessing them is freaky right? That is what happens with Mercy, and she isn't guaranteed when she will switch bodies or where. It can happen anytime. In the past people's lives she possessed were nothing truly extraordinary, at least not until she wakes up as Carmen.

Carmen is on a school concert get together in the town of Paradise ( I know right Paradise) where many schools come together to put on a huge concert. It is in the town of Paradise she is thrown into a world of secrets and sorrow and it all surrounds the family she is staying with. When she meets Ryan Daley (A boy who's twin sister went missing two years ago because she was taken from her room in the middle of the night) she tries to help him find her. She believes like he does that she is still alive. They are thrown into a dangerous, crazy adventure were the bad guy might be closer to home then they expected.

If you like mystery, danger, secrets, and a bit of the supernatural this is a great read for you. I adored it and can't wait for Exile the next book in the series. I hope it can answer some of the questions I am left with after reading Mercy.

Overall Rating: B+


  1. That is such a pretty cover, There seems to be a great run of gorgeous covers lately. Sounds interesting too.

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  2. I recently read this one. I totallllly agree with your last paragraph recap.