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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Read-a-thon Results:

Read-a-thon Wrap Up !!!

September 15-29th


Read: 5 books
1731 pages

The Books:

~ Cold Kiss by Amy Garvey  = 293 pgs.
~ Fins are Forever by Tera Lynn Childs  = 261 pgs.
~ Jenny Pox by J. L. Bryan  = 310 pgs.
~ Anna & the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins  = 372 pgs.
~ Immortal Beloved by Katie M. John  = 495 pgs.


I didn't finish everything I wanted to, but I did get a good chunk done. I read some amazing books during this read-a-thon and I loved every single one of them!!!! Reviews to come soon.


~ Cold Kiss   = 293 pgs.

~ Fins are Forever  = 261 pgs.

~ Jenny Pox  = 310 pgs.

~ Anna & the French Kiss  = 108/372 pgs.

Did Not Get To:

~ Immortal Beloved  = 495 pgs.

Total Books = 3 1/3 finished
Total Pages = 972 read

Since no one entered my read-a-thon, there was no giveaway winner!

However, don't fret. I will be having a ton of giveaways this month so be looking back at the blog for those. Overall I am very happy with my results. I was in a reading slump and needed to get some books done. This read-a-thon helped with that.

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