I read pretty much any chance I get. I mostly read YA books but some adult ones as well. To me all books are precious gems and are meant to be treasured.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Hey guys! Today I am supposed to have my Fins are Forever Review and Giveaway up. However, I have been sick all week, and finally have decided to go to the Dr. I have tried to keep my blog up to date despite feeling crappy, but today is an exception. My review and giveaway will be up next week.

So today I just want to post a few updates and things to look for.

Check back tom. for my weekly TGIF and Recap.

Saturday I will be starting a week of little Halloween posts. These will be in addition to my normal posts so be looking for them. There will be cute Halloween recipes, cool books to check out, giveaways and anything else spooky I can think of!

Also I am working on a new rating system. I will have a post up soon to tell you all about it. The above picture is a clue. Any guesses? If so tell me in the comments.

That is all for now. Happy Reading!


  1. Get better soon...:)

    I think all the blogs are quiet this week....

  2. Get well soon.

    I'm LOVING that bejeweled pumpkin.

  3. Oh no! It seems like things keep coming up for you. I hope you feel better soon!