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Saturday, October 29, 2011

In My Mailbox (20):

In my Mailbox is a weekly post, hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren , about what new books we got this week.


~ The Dressmaker (Arc) by Kate Alcott
Release in Feb 2012
( Thanks Random House)
*This one is about a girl who survived the sinking of the Titanic and the aftermath.*


~ Triskellion (Book 1) by Will Peterson
I actually bought this a while ago and forgot to put it in an IMM.
Bought from Five Below for $1!
* This is about a brother & sister after their parents death moving to the village of Triskellion to stay with their grandmother. Once there they end up going on an archaeological adventure with a paranormal twist.*


~ Dearly Departed by Lia Habel
This one was a gift from my wonderful hubby!
I can't wait to read this one. It is going to be in my Nov. TBR!
* This book has a little bit of everything. Victorian style, undying-love, zombies, a suspenseful novel full of yumminess*

Free Nook E~books:

I thought the above books were all for this IMM, until I went on Barnes & Noble. There are some awesome free nook downloads this week!!!!!

~ The Mating, The Keeping, & The Finding
Law of the Lycans Series
by Nicky Charles (Adult books)
* Sexy books about Lycans*

~ Blood Ties (PI Julie Collins #1)
by Lori G. Armstrong
* A suspensrful mystery of murder and secrets*

~ Thirst (Ava Delaney #1)
by Clarie Farrell
* A paranormal urban fantasy about a vampire hybrid. Love the cover!

~ Starfire Angels (Dark Angel Chronicles #1)
by Melanie Nilles
* An angel left her child on Earth to be raised as a human, she carries a pendent that is strong enough to destroy worlds and people are after her for it. However, she is still trying to figure out what she is* 

~ Shatter ( The Children of Man #1)
by Elizabeth C. Mock
* A girl living as an outcast in the aftermath of war, trying to make things right in order to be reunited with her son. When her journey crosses with two strangers and a prophecy she must choose to trust or continue alone on her mission*

~ Fairytale (Fairies of Rush #1)
by Maggie Shayne
* Magic and love overcoming peril*

~ Retro Demonology by Jana Oliver
* A Demon Trapper's short story*

~ Embers of Love by Tracie Peterson
(Striking a Match Book 1)
* A book about matchmaking and true love overcoming all obstacles*

~ Lady in the Mist by Laurie Alice Eakes
( The midwives book 1)
* A book full of kidnappings, death threats, public disgrace and love* 

~ Rain Song by Alice J. Wisler
* A girl meets someone through her website that knows more about her past then she does*

Jane Blonde: The Perfect Spylet
by Jill Marshall
* I picked this one because the cover was adorable. Its about a girl who goes to a spy store to get the perfect spy stuff to use against other spies*

~ The Time Machine by H. G Wells
* I have never read this classic. I have seen the movie, so I need to read the book!*


~ Burger Recipes from Gooseberry Patch
* Tons of different types of burgers to make*

~ Cookie Swap from Gooseberry Patch
* How to start a cookie swap & it has a bunch of yummy cookie recipes*

~ Healthy Favorites: Chicken Recipes
from Prevention Magazine
* Tons of Yummy chicken recipes! I am always looking for new ways to eat chicken*


~ Dixie: I Can Read #1
by Grace Gilman, pictures by Sarah McConnell
* Adorable kids book about a girl and her dog. Can be read by yourself or can be read to you*

Wow that ended up being a lot!!

What is in your Mailbox this week? Link me up in the comments!


  1. Whoa, that's quite a mailbox this week Laura! The Dressmaker sounds fascinating, I always enjoy stories that have to do with the Titanic:) Dearly Departed is high on my priority list as well, looking forward to your thoughts on it!

  2. Lot's of awesome books this week! I hope you enjoy all of them! Come check out my IMM!!