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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Waterfall Wednesdays: Chapters 18-23

Waterfall by Lisa T. Bergren:

Discussion Schedule:

Aug. 31st: Chapters 1-6: Hosted by Tina @ Tinasbookreviews
Sept. 7th : Chapters 7-11: Hosted by Missie @ The Unread Reader
Sept. 14th: Chapters 12-17: Hosted by Jay & Serena
Sept. 21st: Chapters 18-23: Hosted by Jenny
Sept. 28th: Chapters 24-28 & Wrap Up: Hosted by Nic

1. Gabi and Lia both face several life and death situations in these chapters, having to pick up weapons in defense of those they love, and experiencing first hand the brutality of close combat. If you had the choice between picking up a weapon and standing on the front lines or staying behind to tend to the wounded as necessary which would you choose?

~ Wow, what a tough question, and I would have to say it would depend. If I was in Gabi's situation and someone I know and love needs my help I would do everything in my power to save them or keep them safe. Ff that means picking up a weapon and going out there to help them or defend them then that is just what I would do. Only if I am able of course and have some type of training otherwise I would be no use to them only a hindrance. Now if my sister wasn't in grave danger, and it wasn't up to me to set her free. I may choose to be where I am most helpful. If that is stay back, and take care of those injured then I am there if it means out on the battlefield then I would be there.

That being said it is a different time then. The battlefield was close to home. Today the battlefield is not, and no I am not volunteering to go overseas and fight. Its just not me. I can't imagine hurting anyone on purpose. Now if the fighting was here at my home, I would do what I have to, in order to keep those I love and care for safe.

2. Both girls get to wear extraordinary gowns to their victory celebration; what would your dream medieval gown look like?

~ What another great question, and a tough one. To choose only one would be very difficult. I would have to change a lot :) Um.... I would say something like this.....



Maybe not those exact colors, but I think the red would go good with my now brunette hair. I used to be a blonde not to long ago. I could also imagine wearing this if the red part was a deep blue.

But I much prefer something like this even though they were not worn back then....


3. Gabi has crude  stitches put in and must endure both their removal as well as the cauterization of the wound. How is your threshold for pain? Do you think you would have simply gritted your teeth as Gabi does?

~ I would love to say that I would be just like Gabi....but....um.....no.................
I have to be honest. Some one or ones would be holding me down, I would be screaming and probably pass out from the pain a lot sooner. I mean I have a pretty good threshold for pain, but I am realistic. This is without numbing, or meds. Just a little bit of alcohol. I would be passed out drunk then maybe they could do the procedure. Gabi is a beast, and I give her props because I couldn't do it like she did.

Just saying this, but it is another sign that she is meant to be in this time period.

4. Marcello wants to properly court Gabi after they express mutual feelings of affection; wanting to speak with her mother about his intentions. What do you think is the most romantic aspect of medieval courtship?

~ I can't really pick one. I think that back then the idea of courtship and marriage was a lot more sacred then it is today. People just didn't dive in and get married on a whim. Not saying that people don't cherish it or respect the idea of marriage it just seems the value of it has died a lot.

I don't like the fact that many marriages were arranged out of connivance or privilege, and love the fact that we can pick and choose who we marry today.

So if I had to pick one aspect it is the value they place in love and marriage that I believe is the most romantic, ok and maybe men fighting over the same woman’s affection would be pretty romantic to. Not to the death of course :)

Also, my husband asked my dad for his blessing before he asked me to marry him, so some traditions are still there in some people.

5. Gabi and Lia find themselves with conflicting desires toward the end with Lia wanting to return home and Gabi hoping to stay. Do you think that Gabi is being unfair to Lia for wanting to stay, or is Lia being unfair to Gabi for demanding they go? A little of both?

~ I really don't think either is being unfair. They both know what they want, and have to be true to themselves, but in order for either of them to be happy they need the other. It is a hard situation. If I were Gabi I would want to stay as well, but I wouldn't want to force my sister to live in a place she has no business being in the first place. Also I couldn't force my sister to leave the man she truly loves. It would be a really touch decision. I think they both feel that they are not meant to be there, and that is what determines their decision. They have a responsibility to return home, but true love, that is hard to leave. I had a hard time being without my husband for 8 months, and I was with my family. I was a wreck and not a great person to be around at that time, so I feel for Gabi.


  1. I like the dresses you chose...not for me to wear, but I'm sure you would look lovely in them! LOL! Good answers! And yay for your husband asking your dad for his blessing! Some traditions are worth keeping around.

  2. I like that you are sexifying the dark ages! I'm all for it.

    I wouldn't like the arranged marriages either. I like to make my own decisions and when it comes to something as important as picking a husband that decision needs to be on my shoulders and not anyone elses.

  3. Look at all those pretty dresses! I'm loving that everyone is coming up with pictures, it's fun to see:) And I would also like to see everyone's faces if you walked into a ball wearing that mermaid gown. That would be one heck of a snapshot:)

  4. I still don't know how Gabi stayed conscious for most of the pulling-the-stitches-out scene. I probably would have passed out after the first one came out ;)

    And gorgeous gowns!

  5. Oh Wow, Laura. I'm totally admiring your fashion sense. That first dress is incredible, but so are the modern ones. But there is no way I'd look as good as those models in those dresses. :(

    And Gabi was a beast, huh! I don't know how she could have bore the pain for as long as she did.

  6. I loved your answer for #1. I respect the men and women who are fighting in our wars today but I could never willingly go and deal with killing people...however bring it to my house and endanger my children, I might do a Missie and turn into Buffy the Vampire Slayer....!!

  7. Those dresses are gorgeous (especially the red ones).
    I like what you said about marriage. I want to choose my own husband too please- no arranged marriages for me!

  8. "Gabi is a beast" <-- mmhmm, pretty much! That girl kicks butt...I'd like half that ability ;o)

    Nice incorporation of the modern dresses too! I like that they mimic the colors in your Medieval ones :o)

  9. Loving your answer to number 3...Gabi being a beast! She totally is. The further this book went on the more and more I was thinking "wow, this girl is just not normal!" I totally agree that it's all signs that she needs to stay in the medieval time period.

  10. Wowee, you have the most excellent taste in gowns! Love it...and your answers. Thank you for taking part again!