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Sunday, September 11, 2011

In Remembrance:

9 ~ 11

September 11th will never be the same.
It's the terrible day when the terrorists came.
Oh, no, there goes the planes,
that left out Nation in rebel, and flames,
and made our hearts angry with pain.

Bin Laden you should be ashamed.
All you did was add strength and pride to our name!
Now freedom, unity, and revenge we proclaim.
You will end up dead or in chains,
for this burden you have been blamed.

This was written by me a few days after it happened.
It is written in remembrance of those who died and survived.

This will be a day that will forever be in our hearts and minds. I know its a very sad day to remember. I get through it by thinking of how our nation came together as one. My hearts and prayers are with the victims and the families of victims on this day.