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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Read-a-thon Update:


Total Books = 5
Total Pages = 1731

What I have read so far from Sept. 15th- Sept. 21st.
I didn't get as much done as I would have liked, because I was celebrating my anniversary all weekend. That being said I did finished....

~ Cold Kiss by Amy Garvey
293 pages

~ Fins are Forever by Tera Lynn Childs
261 pages

Total So Far:

Total Books = 2
Total Pages = 554

So I still have 7 days to read...
Jenny Pox  310 pgs.
Anna & the French Kiss 372 pgs.
Immortal Beloved 495 pgs.

I am starting Jenny Pox tonight so I hope I reach my goal!!!!

How are you doing so far??????


  1. Good job Laura! And Happy Anniversary:):) I can't wait to read both of those books, I read Sweet Venom not too long ago and fell in love with Tera's writing so I'm looking forward to reading her other series!

  2. Hello lovely! I have a surprise for you!!! Check this out: http://www.paulashx-bookreviews.com/2011/09/liebster-blog-award-nominations.html :-)