I read pretty much any chance I get. I mostly read YA books but some adult ones as well. To me all books are precious gems and are meant to be treasured.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Monster Review-a-thon Mini Challenge #1:

Check out Kristen and Kate's blog book monsters to sign up for the review-a-thon. You don't have to have a blog to sign up. Just follow the directions on there blog to enter. The goal is to review as many books as possible during this time, and also participate in mini challenges.

Mini Challenge  # 1:
Rethinking Your Review Format:

1. Are you happy with your review format currently?

Yes. But since I am fairly new at this I am sure that I will change it numerous times before I find whats most comfortable. For now I am happy with it because others seem to enjoy it and respond to it well.

2. Scrutinize it a little more, maybe compare it to other blogs you like. Anything you might change?

So far I try to put as much information about the book as possible. The release date, author, pages, source, publishing company, and description from either Goodreads, Amazon, B and N, or the book itself. I think that I might link more information about the book and author. Maybe Goodreads, or the authors website. I also think I might add the cheapest place to get the book from either it be on sale at Amazon, or on the nook, etc.

I think I might also try to compact the review down more. I have been to a bunch of blogs with simple to the point reviews and they seem real nice to read. This is good because most people like myself follow a ton and need to stop by most of them. We will see how this one goes though. I am a chatter and I like to get alot of information out there so we will see.

3. Implement some basic changes and tell us what you think or you can tell us one or two aspects of your reviews that you like?

I haven't done a review yet to implement them, but I will be posting one Tuesday, maybe late Monday so I will comment about it.

As far as what I like about my reviews. I try to give the reader the core elements without giving anything important away. Not sure if I am succeeding at this, but I try. Also I like to give a little of what I think about the characters. If I like them or not and why. I also like my rating scale, because I don't think books fail so I don't have a F on my A-D scale. I just think they were meant for someone else, so I like that my scale doesn't bash the book.


  1. I like your rating system

    I like your blog name, I feel that "books are a treasure worth protecting" ;-)

    wow, total newbie! Welcome to this wonderful, wacky world of book blogging. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  2. Your rating system is cute. :) Sounds like you have a good grip on your reviews, but you're right about changing styles now and then. I've changed it about 5 times since I started blogging, but tweak it every once in a while to add some new and different. :)

  3. This is a great challenge! I always look to improve my reviews in new ways :)