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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Getting Ready and Apology:

To all my readers and followers I just want to say that I am sorry I have been a bit MIA lately. Im not trying to make excuses, but I want to let you know why my blog has been a little neglected lately.


 I have been trying to catch up on my reading, but now I need to catch up on my reviews and posts. Which I plan on doing this weekend.


My Bestie Laura Gray, had her precious baby boy!!!!  Enough said there :)


I have started to baby-sit my, soon to be 3 year old, nephew everyday. I have started to teach him stuff that they teach in pre-school to get him ready. Shapes, colors, numbers.....etc.  So I have been a bit busy the past week or so, and will be for a couple of months.


I live in VA, and with mother nature acting a fool, I have had to get ready for an upcoming hurricane. I will have my TGIF and Weekly Recap posted for tomorrow, but I can't promise anything for the rest of the weekend. I plan to be back on here as soon as I can, and on twitter chatting you guys up.

I also would like to send out my concern and prayers to all that this hurricane has and will effect. My prayers are with you. I hope it comes and goes quickly. That there is little to no damage and that all are safe. 

Please check out my TGIF question and answer tomorrow, and be looking forward to some great reviews this upcoming week.

Some of the next reviews to come are:

-Wicked Lovely Graphic Novel Vol. 1 by Melissa Marr
-Forest of Adventures by Katie M. John
-Zombies Don't Cry by Rusty Fischer


  1. Oh honey good luck this weekend! *fingers crossed* for you!

  2. Stay safe in the hurricane! It missed us here in Florida...hopefully you won't get it too bad in VA...

  3. I feel you! I always feel bad about feeling "good" when Florida gets a near miss, because I know it's heading somewhere else! Best to you and yours and all those on the East Coast...

  4. Hey Lovely, you have been missed, but we all know sometimes life takes over. Congrats to your bestie on her Baby Boy. Will have you guys on my prayers during the hurricane. Stay safe and I look forward to reading from you soon. :-)