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Monday, November 21, 2011

Review: Immortal Beloved by Katie M. John

Release Date: Aug. 25, 2011
Series: Knight Trilogy #2
Publisher: Little Bird Publishing House
Reading Level: Young Adult
Pages: 450
Type: E-book Arc
Source: Author
Author Information:
Twitter: @KnightTrilogy

As Mina Singer tries to piece together her broken heart, Blake's adventure in Egypt places his in serious peril.
As ancient and terrifying Egyptian rituals are resurrected by the sorceress Morgan Le Fay, Blake embarks on the most horrifying quest yet - one which no other mortal has ever survived.
This time, the damsel must rescue her knight in a terrifying race against death. (Goodreads Description)

* WARNING ~ If you have not read Forest of Adventures then don't read ahead there are a few spoilers from the first book mentioned *

Forest of Adventures captured my heart and took me on a magical ride. The end; however, rocked my world with an engagement, and then shattered it with a break up letter. Immortal Beloved begins with a broken and shattered girl, trying to pull her life together, with the help of friends and family. As soon as she starts to pick up the pieces something happens that shatters her soul. Mina must then be saved by her ex love Sam, her best friend Delta, and Vivian. Now battered and bruised and at the end of her rope she is sent on a Realm mission. She must race to Egypt to save Blake, and her future.

While Mina races to save her knight in shinning armor, Blake is tested like never before. The choices he makes will effect his life and his future. Will Mina get to Blake in time to save him? Will their relationship be able to withstand the challenges they must face? Well I'm not going to tell you , you must read and find out yourself!

I adored Forest of Adventures, and did not think the story could get more magical, but I was way wrong. Not only do you get the timeless magic of the realm in this sequel, but you are thrown into the lore and majesty of Egypt. This book is filled with magic, mystical beings, demons, immortality, peril, and the magic of love and friendship.

It is one emotional, and suspenseful ride and I enjoyed every moment of it. Not only do you get more Mina and Blake. . . . . did I mention more BLAKE ! ! I know I sound like a broken record, but Blake is the definition of YUM ! You also get the blooming of new relationships, and introductions to new characters. If you like mystical magical romances you will love this book.

This sequel is even better then the first book, and I can't wait to see what’s in store for the end. It is going to be epic!

Overall Rating = A++

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  1. I haven't read the first book so I skimmed and just looked at your overall rating which seems to suggest you give this one two very enthusiastic thumbs up. I do like that the girl gets do to the saving in this one, I always enjoy it when that happens:)